Is internet marketing driving you mad?

Are you constantly thwarted in your attempts to make money on line, then why not share your attempts and thoughts with me so that together we can become stronger and better informed and who knows actually get somewhere in the internet marketing world. Lets not to taken in by those scams anymore lets start to fight back.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

One way linking for your site without costing you a penny.

So by now you will have advertised your site in the many traffic exchanges around and you will have managed to get yourself link exchanges with several webmasters around the web and your site will now be indexed in the search engines. Another way of getting your site noticed is to start building some one way inbound links and a good way of doing this is submitting to the many web directories available. Around the web there are many different sorts of directories available including free, paid, reciprocal and niche. If you’re looking for one way links though reciprocal linking directories are not what you want. A good start place is free directories and a good place to get a great free list is here

Directory Critic - Directory lists and link building resources

For those of us on a limited or no budget this is a great first step, as here you are able to track which directories you have submitted to all without costing you a penny, I would also recommend that you track your own submissions as well by using for example a spreadsheet where you can record all the details of the submission including any passwords and usernames you have had to use. Should you have some sort of budget you could always try a directory submission service like the one at . Be careful here directory submission can become a very tedious process and you can become very quickly disillusioned by the all process set yourself a weekly limit say 50 and stick to it and get yourself a copy of roboform which you can download here this will save you loads of time when it comes to form filling. Take a little time getting used to the process, make sure you select the right category, don’t stuff your title with keywords and make sure your site description fits your site and is not also just a list of keywords. All that remains now is to wish you good luck with it, why not drop me an email and let me know how you get on, or perhaps you have a few tips for me or know of another site with a great free list of directories either way it would be good to hear from you.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Have you ever tried building a link Directory?

So you’ve just built your brand new web site and now you need to get it notice, no point having a web site if nobody comes and looks at what you have done. So you decide that the best way to get listed in the search engines is to have other web sites link to you but how to do you go about.

Well unless you know how to write HTML and are able to write your own web pages the best way to create link pages is to get your hands on some sort of link software. I personally use Arelis from Axandra but there others out there. This software allows me to create link pages, search for link partners, send emails to prospective partners, and keep track of each web site you have linked. But really and truly this is just the start of the process don’t be fooled in believing that it is easy because despite the promises you might get when getting your software it will still take time and hard work on your part to build a successful link directory.

So before you begin take some time to decide how you want your link directory to look and want sort of partners you want to approach. Make sure you have a good description written for your site and your site itself has something to offer others. A site built purely for advertising really doesn’t offer anything to anybody. Concentrate your link partners on your sites subject matter, I.E. if your site is about computers don’t look for partners with sites about travel and sport, a small collection of links directly related to your site is better then hundreds of links with absolutely nothing to with your site.

Now you are ready to begin, I would recommend placing a few links on your pages first that link to articles and resources covering your subject matter that way when inviting people to link to you they see a page which already has links on it and not just a page with their link on it indicating a freshly created page, showing others you have already begun work on a really useful directory which would make sense for them to be part of it. At this point it might be useful to use a link exchange directory, there are several around like and Link Metro.Com. Using these sites you should be able to pick up a few early links to get you moving and also see how others are going about doing the same thing but be careful as well, I have fallen foul of some dirty tricks as well. I have placed links to sites where the webmaster had agreed to link but then they fail to place your link or put it on page which will never then be found by anybody let alone the search engines.

In the early stages of your linking programme don’t worry too much about PR but you do need to try and get links on pages which are visible in the search engines this will then allow your pages to start to get picked up as well. Don’t be put off by other webmasters blatantly ignoring your requests for links, it happens to me all the time you jut have to keep plugging away. I think some people forget they had to start from scratch as well and because it happened to them they feel it is alright to do it to others. When trying to get links make sure you look around the site you are requesting a link from, you need to make sure there is a link from their home page to their link pages after all if you can’t find the links how will their visitors to their site find them. Make sure their link pages is well organised you don’t your link on page where the majority already on there has nothing to do with your sites subject. Its common sense really you don’t look for software in amongst weight loss sites.
You’ve now finally got some sites to link to you and your site is starting to take off, it is now where it becomes more important to keep plugging away. Start to send emails to prospective partners, include your URL, link anchor text and description and most importantly include the URL of the page where you have already added their link. Try to offer them something and point out the benefits of a link from you. Also search out other methods of getting links to your site, fill out exchange forms that some sites offer and try to get your self listed in internet directories. You can find a great list of free directories to submit to at Don’t become disillusioned too early as I said early this won’t happen overnight it will take time and hard work on your part and will need you to keep plugging away at it.
I hope you find what I have had to say useful but please bear in mind these are only my opinions, based on my experiences. My site has been on line since September 2005 and as I write I am still trying to build my link directory. I have had some success and my pages now have page rank but it has taken quite a bit of hard work on my part. If you wish to view my directory you can do so here

Friday, July 21, 2006

So I have my own web site and have been advised a good way of promoting that site is via the many traffic exchanges available on the web. So what does this really mean? Well let me tell you, it is a daily clicking of numbers, symbols, letters or text ads when the timer runs down, as you view other web sites in the exchange in the utimate aim of collecting enough credits so that others may view your site. So does it work? My own honest answer would be a one of mixed feelings. Yes it works if your only aim is to get visitors to your site and all they really do is view your hard work and your site but no if your aim is to get those exchange visitors to actually buy something from you.
Think about it honestly, everybody in a traffic exchange is doing exactly what you are doing, surfing for credits. They are trying to promote their web site or affiliate programme they are attached to, why else would they be there. I am not saying don't use them as I personally do but don't put all your eggs in one basket as they say. If all you do to promote your site is surf the traffic exchanges you will get no where. I recently sought advise on the use of traffic exchanges and have been told the best way to use them is via splash pages, it is now my aim to try this, if you have the same plan as me or indeed are already using splash pages and have achieved some success I would like to know. If you have any other views on traffic exchanges also let me know maybe we can share ideas.
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Is internet marketing driving you mad?

Have you ever tried making money on the internet, are you constantly frustrated as one attempt after another fails than join the club. I have been on line now for nearly 12 months after being attracted by an offer to make money in my spare time. There in that simple sentence is the first lie, spare time, this couldn't be further from the truth.
Spare time it may be but all of your spare time is the honest answer and I do mean all of your spare time just to try and get some sort of foothold in the world of internet marketing. I do have my own site and constantly face a daily battle trying to get link exchanges and submitting to web directories as I aim to get my web site noticed. And so here I am creating a blog to try and share my experiences and hopefully get some ideas back to try and move my web site forward. Over the coming weeks I will post different thoughts in the hope somebody can advise me or even take heart from what I write.

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